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Isolated Splendor

Isolated Splendor

SKU: 1165

The orange sized geode is a beautiful slice of agate and quartz. The piece is delicately wrapped in a sterling silver coated copper wire. The strand has polished agate and granite stone, pewter, glass beads.The name geode comes from the Greek word “geode” meaning “earthlike.” This name is fitting as many geodes are round, like little planets--worlds of light and stone unto themselves capturing fascination wherever they are discovered. Nodules occur when the geodes' cavity is completely filled with a mineral. These are also known as thunder eggs.Each Geode holds a special energy and can hold just about anything. It is important you find a piece you connect with. Large geodes can help create a chi flow in areas of your home.Geode, copper wire, polished stones, metal and glass beads. The materials will all do well indoors or outside.

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