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Enchodus..'sabre-toothed herring'

Enchodus..'sabre-toothed herring'

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Enchodus teeth in a stone, the strand has natrural lava stones, orange crystals, middle pieces are vintage porcerlain knobs.During the Late Cretaceous (from about 145.5 million years ago to 65.5 million years ago), several species of fish in the genus Enchodus were common in the Western Interior Sea. They small to medium sized predators and their remains are commonly found as fossils. The characteristic that is most noticeable in all species of Enchodus is the presence of large "fangs" at the front of the upper and lower jaws. This fish has occasionally been referred to as the "Saber-Toothed Herring" because of the appearance of these unusually large, curved teeth but the genus is not related to modern Herrings.Enchodus, metal, agate stones, lava stones, ceramic knobs. It is best to keep this piece out of the moist weather.

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