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I Just Turned 55 Million Years Old!

I Just Turned 55 Million Years Old!

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Septarian slice wire wrapped in copper wire of various colors, the strands has natural agate stones, polished brown stones, glass cystals, and yellow polished stonesSeptarians were formed approximately 55 million years ago when the Gulf of Mexico reached what is now Southern Utah. Decomposing sea life (shell fish), killed by volcanic eruptions, had a chemical attraction for the sediment around them, forming mud balls. Tide and wabe action rolled the balls around increasing their size over time. As the ocean receded, the balls were left to dry and crack. Because of their bentonite content they also shrank at the same time, trapping the cracks inside as they were covered by sediment. The ocean returned later and deposited more shell life on them. As this decomposed calcite from the shells was carried down into the cracks forming calcite crystals. A thin wall of calcite was transformed ino argonite dividing the bentonite heavy clay (shale) exteriors from the calite centers. This dividing wall feature gives them their names (Septum is Latin for separate).Septaria have a strong Shamanic influence that will strengthen group activities.They also stimulate your patience and aid tolerance for the opinions of other people.
Their vibration enhances privacy and they deter unhealthy interest in you. They are also favorable stones for improving your communication ability.Septarian stone, agate, jasper, glass, wire. The materials are all natural and will do well in an outside environment.

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