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Just Breathe

Just Breathe

SKU: 2168

Polished leopard jasper with a hand crafted clear face. The piece is wire wrapped in colored copper wire to accent the intricate patternn. The strand has polished jasper beads, cracked agate, pearl beads, glass crystal beads, specialtybeads.Leopardskin Jasper (also called Jaguar Stone) is a great stone to utilize when connecting/communicating with the animal kingdom, in both the physical and spiritual planes. Leopardskin Jasper is connected with Shamanism, helping to discover personal animal totems (power animals) and learning how to work with them. Leopardskin Jasper also aides in out of body experiences and journeying. It is a powerful protection stone.Like all Jaspers, Leopardskin Jasper is closely associated with strength and vitality, and brings stability to those who may be experiencing chaotic energies in this incarnation. Once attuned to this stone, Leopardskin Jasper is known for attracting harmonious vibrations into one's existence, which correspond to one's direct needs, but not necessarily desires. This includes the attraction of certain circumstances and people that are conducive to one's own personal growth.Leopardskin Jasper is known for its healing energies and is of immense benefit for those experiencing chronic health conditions. Facilitating self-healing, Leopardskin Jasper is an important component of one's medicine bag, and is great for body layouts.The middle piece is a polished gold medal with the engraving "Just Breathe". Perfect for your leopard jasper chakra.Leopard jasper, agate, glass crystals, wire, pewter. The materials are all natural and will do well in an outside environment.

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