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Crystal Peak

Crystal Peak

SKU: 2177

Quartz Crytal wire wrapped with an aluminum silver wire. The strand has polished marble beads, glass beads, natural quartz pieces, pewter decorative spacers. The stone is about the size of an orange and will give you a 360 degree show of crytal peaks.Clear Quartz , silicon dioxide, is found on Mother Earth. It ranges in clarity from being extremely clear to cloudy or opaque. The crystals enhance psychic abilities. They aid in concentration and unlocks memory and stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. The frequency of Clear Quartz connects to all of the physical and upper transpersonal chakras. It opens, clears and activates and stimulates all of the chakric system and aligns one’s energy fields, so that energy can flow unhindered throughout one’s being. This makes Clear Quartz a powerful healing crystal that can be used in many healing situations and  is included as an essential crystal for many healing techniques.Crystal Peak is a mountain in Sierra County, California. It is located on the south end of the Bald Mountain Range, 3 mi northeast of Sardine Valley and 16 mi northwest of Reno, Nevada. A little drive through the backwoods, a little hike and you have found treasureQuartz on Zeolite, quartz crystals, pewter, glass, marble, wire. The materials are all natural and will do well in an outside environment.

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