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Charging Station

Charging Station

SKU: 2230

Orange and Black striped calicite wrapped in copper wires to compliment the stone. The strand has polished agates round beads and a large sliced polised agate in the middle. The crystlas add to the luster of the piece.Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable plymorth of calcuim carbonate.Open and recharge your chakras with the Calcite crystal, the multi-vitamin for the soul. Made up of calcium carboneate, the calcite crystal meaning has a reputation for being a big-time energy amplifier. Each variety also has its own distinctive properties that provide rich and souful nutrition necessary for creativity and spiritual insight to flourish. Always start your day off on the sunny side of life when you take your daily dose of vitamins for the spirit.Calcite, agate, copper wire, 7 strand wire, glass crystals. This piece is best indoors out of direct sun light and heavy moisure.

Strand is 29" long and stone is 4"x3"x2": Strand is 29" long and stone is 4"x3"x2"
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